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Neelum Muneer Biography and full details of Neelum Muneer including date of birth, age, height, weight, education, official account, affair,marriage, drama, movie etc

Neelum Muneer Biography and full details of Neelum Muneer including date of birth, age, height, weight, education, official account, affair,marriage, drama, movie etc



Neelam Muneer is a beautiful Pakistani actress and Model. She was born on March 20, 1992 in Karachi.  She is a young Pakistani actress who started her career in show business at a very early age. She is that one girl who had got passion to make her way in fashion industry in an early age. She is beautiful, charming, and made her way out with her talent and natural beauty, she bears. She is one of the youngest females in Pakistan fashion Industry. She started her career with modeling in teenage.

She is really pretty; she has that natural beauty that barely needs makeup. Fair complexion, beautiful smile, and a totally impressive personality, she is none other than Neelam Muneer. If you are also a fan of Neelam Muneer, then this article is worth to read for you and it will help you knowing more about her.



It’s a fact that Neelam Muneer is a versatile actress and model, she is stylish, well groomed, multi oriented actress. She is soft spoken and has a very fluent and smooth voice; her way of talking attracts many. She is the heart of many. This beautiful actress is a Karachi born and considered one of the youngest showbiz stars who started her career in modeling and got famous for her fun way in modeling, she received her education in Karachi. She is blessed with beautiful parents who have supported her at each step of her career and always been a lot encouraging to her. Neelam Muneer’s mother is a gorgeous lady; neelam must have received this beauty in genes. Her career is also associated with big names like Zong, Candy Land Chili Mili, Sooper Biscuits, and Telenor etc. She has worked in many drama serials on different channels performing prominent and leading roles. She is a girl with the guts, she has plans to make her name legendry and that she will surely be able to make because she got that factor which is a combination of beauty and talent. Apart from acting and modeling, she also has hosted/judged a show called “Inam Ghar” with amir liaqat aired On GEO TV, on which many boys are seen having crush on this beautiful actress, in fact amir liaqat is also observed praising her beauty several times. It was viral that amir liaqat is seen flirting live with Neelam Muneer in his Morning Show on GEO TV.

In an interview with The Express Tribune, she said about her upcoming film, “We have wrapped up shooting for Chuppan Chuppai but the songs have not been completed as yet and a lot of work still needs to be done”. That means her upcoming movie is to released in near future but did not much reveal about her character and she says she really enjoyed being a part of team and she was seen very much satisfied with the writer and the director, she said, “He really knows how to bring about the best in an actor”. Except these projects, she also has two projects on hold, she has been offered another movie that she has not signed or decided yet. She is also offered a Bollywood film but not yet handed over with the script. She has not yet decided which project she will take up. She is a good dancer as well. She is seen in many video songs and recently in popular singer Abrar ul Haq’s video song titled, “Ithe Rakh” and also was present at the grand concert with Singer in Lahore.



She made her first acting debut in Drama Serial THODA SA AASMAN on PTV. After that she was seen in Drama Serial MERI SUBHA KA SITARA on GEO TV. Then this chain continues till now as she has been doing many dramas since that time and convinced people that she has got brilliant acting skills. Except for dramas, she has done many TELEFILMS; her first TELEFILM was ACAHY KI LARKI on HUM TV. Later on, she did many other TELEFILMS too like MEIN TUM OR IMRAN HASHMI, EAFA BALOCH KI BEWAFAI and many more. She is soon appearing on Big Screen as she is doing shooting these days for her upcoming movie CHUPAN CHUPAI in which she and Ahsan Khan are playing lead roles.



Date of Birth:         20 March 1992

Zodiac Sign:          Pisces

Nick Name:            Neelum

Height:                   5’5” / 165 cm

Weight:                 57 Kg / 125 lbs

Age:                        24 years

Eyes:                       Black

Hair:                        Black

Complexion:           Fair

Body:                       Slim

Ethnicity:                 Asian

Marital Status:       Single

Native Place:           Karachi, Pakistan

Nationality:             Pakistani



Hobbies:                  Long Drive, Reading books, gossiping with friends, Reading Books

Favorite Sports:      Basketball

Favorite Food:         All Pakistani, Chinese Foods

Languages known: Urdu, Sindhi, English,pushto


Drama Serials:                                         Character:

Thora Sa Aasman:

Meri Subha Ka Sitara:

Aankh Macholi:

Qaid-e-Tanhai:                                       Noor

Wafa Baloch Ki Bewafai:                      Umme Kulsoom

Jal Pari:                                                    Shaista

Ashk:                                                        Zebbunnisa/Zebu

Meri Saheli Meri Humjoli:                    Ehsas

Meri Behan Maya:                                 Meena

Mere Meherbaan:                                 Muskaan

Maang:                                                    Hira

Guman:                                                    Samiya

Kyun Hai tu:                                             Saba

Arrange Marriage:                                  Roshaney

Bojh:                                                          Aizah

Kesi Khushi lai kai aya hai Chand:        Khushi




Neelam Muneer’s Film “Chupan Chupai” is soon to be released. Its shooting has almost been wrapped. Apart from that, she has other projects on hold. She is also being offered movies from Bollywood.



Beautiful Lady Neelam Muneer is still single which is very good news for eligible candidates and those who have proposed her. But she says she has time in getting married, right now she wants to be focused on her career. It was a rumor that Neelam Muneer is going to marry Imran Khan and Imran Khan is going to get married third time but Neelam Explicitly reveals in a Show that she doesn’t even have a crush on Imran Khan and this news is totally fake so. It was posted by some fake account on twitter.

She has taken a new turn in recent past and started hosting a show “Inside Out with “Neelam Muneer” on “Play Entertainment” where she welcomes different celebrities and interviews them so gracefully.

No doubt she is a brilliant actress, model and now a host. And stay tuned to have more information about her and all your favorite celebrities.


Religion Islam
Hobbies Reading, Driving, Travelling
Favourite Things of  Neelam Muneer
Favourite Colour Pink, White, Yellow
Favourite Sport Cricket




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